10 Years of Making Apps

TypeDrill - Improve and practice your touch typing skills with advanced NLP and custom typing lessons and drills.

Because accuracy is everything.
So, you once learned how to type using more than two fingers?
Now what?
Well, you could write lots of unnecessary emails to improve your typing.
Or you could just use TypeDrill.
Even at night.
Because you know that accuracy is much more important than speed.
Or the other way round: Speed is worthless without accuracy.
That's why you wanted to practice in the first place.
Practice thousands of different lessons.
Many of them specifically based on NLP techniques.
In different categories and with different levels.
And most importantly, your own lessons.
In your own language.
No matter what keyboard layout is being used…
Not yet ready for TypeDrill?
Don't you worry! There's an app for that :-)
» TypeTeach

The first real touch typing tutor for Mac.
Finally, a typing tutor from this decade, made gorgeous, and without childish games!